by Horizon

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released 29 April 2014



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Track Name: Crash Landing (ft. Bliss)
[Verse 1, Bliss]:

cut the umbilical, the rhyme state critical
flittering on a flatline, crash in phase physical
my style is phased literal, replace slave liberal
incase my taste residual I'll singe you full
of flame like Prometheus
chewing through a mic like termites would(wood)
I'ma eat through this, competing with the opposite sex
is the lethalest injection, a lyrical complexion:
sun kissed by the Gods, empirical reflection
if truth is resurrection then I'm digging up the graves
in truth my insurrection says I'm picking up the plague
the sickness of a witness sitting pitched on a masquerade
rally round the passing phrase, my galley full of passion glaze
slobbing on a mobb think tank, the drinks of kool aid
hopping on a robbed train that's split in two ways
I'm fixing to take, revenge on the witching hour
bitch and scour, empower the blades with two traits:
Intelligence and Understanding.

[Verse 2, Horizon]:
understand that your intelligence is achieved
only when you begin to open up your mind and see
question everything, challenge societal boundaries
listen, then you'll see,
not everything needs to be felt to be real
but you can feel without touch
let go of your possessions they are merely but a crutch
shaman burning sage while rolling up a dutch
the fountain full of rain I am filling up my cup
their lies are real, they are being released from their lungs
you cant speak words without air...
hear what I'm saying, son
do not fear, it has only just begun
their swords slain plenty
in the name of their lord, they're petty.
arrogant beings, with ignorant ways of seeing
passionless creatures, emotionless going thru the motions
just, doing as they're told and OBEYing what they're shown
Horizon is a different breed
and my whole tribe is of a different breed.
and we'll rise up from underneath
the uprising wont be televised
because all the television tells you is lies
we 'bout unplug 'em from the Matrix
the elite hijacked the spaceships
the Gods were replaced with
puppet masters that are faceless
the light was blackballed
but you can't blackball the light for that long
they suppressed the free energy
and made people pay the penalty
how much longer you think they can get away with it?
how much longer will we remain victims?
the meek shall inherit the earth,
if they don't stop acting weak,
they'll inherit something of little worth.
time to fight back against the oppressors
and create something so much better...
and hold onto it and cherish it forever and ever.
Track Name: Forgotten
temple of the pharaoh
assassin in the shadows
masked apparel
the psychic tarot
pterodactyl, staring at you
fear is natural
fear of the unnatural
I don't care for apples
but I'll toss 'em at you
learn of that truth
burns and tattoos
birth is taboo
after the earth is fractured in two
or, fractured into, individuals who've
forgotten how to
use the words they learned
instead they keep their mouths shut
aint that cool
you aint that cool
so why you acting rude
shatter your subject matter
passively passing by
passing the passers-by
massive flames scorch across the everlasting sky
I cant tell you how
but I can tell you why
food for thought
you too scared to give it a try
I walked into a room full of suits and ties
the whole room was bought
I was talking to the groom and bride
I told them the truth of you and I
tears started forming in their eyes
and then everything withered and died
only winter survives
tilting my head
whispered words fall out from inside
the sky cries black tears
no one alive has a care
nothing's fair, nothing's just
only thing we have in common
is that we return to dust .. we're all forgotten.
Track Name: Black Heart
travel the darkest paths
unravel a heart that's black
captured and cornered
bags in the corners of eyes
covered by a fractured and tarnished mask
laughing at these bastards that's talking back
blast 'em and keep draggin' along my path
I'm on my way...
tryna make an escape from the darkest days
Can't honestly recall how it got this way
they say nuclear fallout, they let the bombs out
and then the power went out...
and after awhile the food stopped arriving on store shelves
and that's when all hell broke out
I saw a man stab a man for a gas can
I ran up on 'em and stabbed that man, and took the gas can
days past, weight was lost...
now the days drag, the wait is long...
what am I waiting for?
me and my girl got separated
at the bridge, tryna make it across
I been devastated,
tryna find some sense of salvation in this wasteland
I know I won't make it... none of us make it out alive
but for now I know that I must survive... I must survive...

[Verse 2]
yeah, I will try to endure
but can't tell the difference from the sky to the floor
my sight is a blur, I am wandering this world
distant memories, so far away from here
when everyday was shared .. tables were prepared
adorned with centerpieces
plates, silverware and feasts
always more than you could eat
leftovers stored away for the next day, it seems
so far away to me...
now my only mission is my next meal
I been tracking this white tail
up and over several hills, along long forgotten trails...
and through this dying field
I am starving, I can feel it in the pits of my being
before I give up, I see it... I see it there staring into the abyss
before I pull my bow and let an arrow spin
a shot rings off from the other side of the field
I watch red blood splash across the black grass
crouch down and watch as several men descend upon it
like crows to a carcass.... they drag it off into the trees
should I follow or should I flee...
Track Name: The Underground Overlord [Prod. by E. Hudson]
suicidal tendencies, man without a memory,
lost, no destiny, caught up in my misery
instantly history repeats, the pain shows visibly

malicious incidents got me feeling indignant
in this predicament, diligence,
cool calm and collected, inching in,
you listening?
listen then ..
I adapt and adjust my aim accordingly
for these rats and snakes that corner me
the dead talk to me,
the virus spreads and now they walk with me.
the underground overlord,
listen to the thunderous sound of my vocal cords.
the earthquake rumbles the ground and torches scorch
I'm, looking over the edge
then looking back at the ones controlling your heads.
Now I could leap and be free of it all
or I could turn around and fight for yall.
the fuck I'm supposed to do?
leave you alone without you knowing the truth?
I told you, now it's over, it's through
dont ask me again
patch me thru to the one in charge
so I could hit 'em with another couple bars
from off in the distance, like a couple hundred yards
I'm on a large barge, the size of a golf course
chopping it up with the forces in front of me
the sun above me, scorching at a hundred degrees
the pigeons dont shit no more
I'm gripping the stone, sharpening my sword

my voice is hoarse, my words
give flight to me like pegasus
I am practicing foreverness
all these other so called artists are just
insulting my intelligence with their pettiness

pound for pound, I clash in battle hardened armor
I'll drown a mothafucker in black water

how nice of you to view this beheading
I'll have George Martin plan your next wedding
thank you to everyone in attendance
this is hyper atomic resonance
mono atomic elements
I apologize for my poor etiquette while presenting it
these are cryptic messages from a mystic messenger
the distance is everything
whispers of wedding rings
I lost everything, everything that I ever invested in...
everything, everything, now I'm stuck settling...
sittin back
twistin up that dragon,
drag it,
then drag your body thru the ashes
fuck Pharrell Williams for being happy,
fuck yall for giving him a grammy.

I have to do this, honestly...
and when I enter darkness,
not even my shadow walks with me.
depression steady taunting me,
endlessly it's haunting me...
only death calls to me,
constantly it watches me, stalking me...
the past and future talk to me,
because the present is ignoring me.
so how can I live in it?
we share the same roof, I gotta live with it...
Track Name: Tyrion Lannister [Prod. by Sacred Age]
Tyrion Lannister, dwarf lord bannisters...
fuck you, you aint a challenger, I'll slaughter this amateur
sword to your throat, for the words that you spoke
get murdered for quotes like murder she wrote
I like this game we play
where everyday we wait
too afraid to say what's on our minds
instead we tiptoe around the topic, fine
at a loss for time, you're constantly obnoxious
I get better with age like fine wine
rhyme divine, serpentine encircles your mind
mine field divide, bomb expert
demolitions professional grade ballistics
listen ... yessir... yessir
I bow before no man
rather go wild and do a few lines like Lindsay Lohan
But I got no money, to go along with no plan
going for broke like, like an old van
so many miles on this road, as I expand
my reach like Mr. Fantastic, man
I understand the way this game is played
....I am here to stay,
if you aren't cold or hungry,
why the fuck would you fan a flame?
you need to learn to let go...
a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone
dont expect me to respect you,
you aint shit, you aint special
get hit with the fuckin' .38 special
should've inVESTed in a VEST or two
investigators won't be able to find your heart now
I guess that you're all out...
get you marked out, stomped out, and left for dead
anyone that ever doubted me
making a large salary
never reaching out to me
or anyone around me
rather pad your own pockets
then give back to those less fortunate
I'm a tad offended but not at all surprised
how the FUCK do you sleep at night
how do you look yourself in the eyes...
you probably dont - even when I get high on the smoke
I still take time to reflect, on my history,
Never disrespect someone who's cards were dealt differently
my imagery is simply images of me...
paint picture vividly, insert different degrees
artfully, artistically, attack every aspect from different angles
Heaven and Hell are on Earth, we are systematically
removing the wings from the angels...
preventing them to fly... and making them attempt to
pay off all their debt, and then they die...
and then their children cry... and then the process repeats
I am sorry if every song is bittersweet.
I just write about the shit I see.
when I close my eyes, when I try to sleep...
These are daydreams, while the rest are sound asleep
counting sheep, I'll drown you in a fucking shallow stream.
if you aren't helping those who are helpless
why the fuck should you be allowed to speak
you are a coward to me, so get down on your knees
watch this sword swing, knock your head from it's place of origin
blood splash and the Earth absorbs you again
again and again, again and again, again and again .....

my brothers and sisters,
who the fuck is fuckin' with us?
we paint pictures for the listeners...
I do this shit to soothe my addiction
this is pain's prescription...
my escape from mental anguish...
put the thoughts on the pages.
watch it all fade away...
like light in the night, running from the day.
Track Name: Tragedy (feat. Haven)
[Hook - Haven]
I remember the time, it was just you and I
you looked into my eyes, and told me it was a lie.
That our love was all gone, that we were all done
Oh, how can it be? It was a tragedy...

[Verse - Horizon]
we met a while back,
I'm just going on this track to ask
if your smile's intact, I know that
you been through the trials and all that
but relax....
we had our time together,
it was nothing too official
but I miss you and I wish you'd
listen to the words that I'm saying,
I mean really hear what I'm saying.
And stop putting me off, and stop delaying
because I'm waiting...
And finally she hit me back
sparks like a lighter when we start to igniting
rekindling the fire, I'm getting inside her,
no outside forces could divide us, (never)
our love is undeniable, smoke fills up the entire room.
...but love breed jealousy;
she cheating on me, aint SHIT you could tell to me!
I could feel the love dying, you got all the curtains closed.
cant tell if the sun is shining, all I know is this Earth is cold.
now I live life like a hermit, and I feel so fucking worthless.
once the truth surfaced, you took my heart and tore it.
how unfortunate, and I even told myself that I deserved it.
but fuck that I'm grown now,
I like being on my own now.
I spend most of my time meditating,
I send my mind on long vacations.
can't none of them knock my concentration...
I had it all figured out, but now I'm more full of doubt.
And the world full of deceit...
...and it's cold on these streets.
But I got wool socks, but that don't do much for a cold heart.
I'm tryna stay focused on the mission,
but this anxiety constantly skews my vision.
The wise man shares wisdom,
a fool braggadocious, full of shit, move his lips but don't LISTEN.
And why won't she listen?
I aint tryna fuck you, I'm just tryna love you.
I could never have enough of you.
You are, the exception to everything, a drop of something different.
There'll never be a better time than NOW,
no regrets just let me stay for awhile.
I could make you feel alright, (yes I can)
let me keep you up all night. (let me)
Or this is another tragedy...
...where everybody starts to laugh at me.
My life like the Truman Show,
but my mind is so beautiful.
And her thoughts are so beautiful.
So we share a lot in common,
but I'm terrible with timing...
...I apologize for trying.